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Removal of invalid pre-registrations

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ECHA supports the data sharing process between registrants by removing invalid pre-registrations from its database.

Helsinki, 21 September 2011 - ECHA has removed some outdated or irrelevant pre-registration information from the REACH-IT database. This will enhance the data sharing process between potential registrants.

After consultation with the concerned pre-registrants, ECHA has removed the following:

  1. pre-registrations for which the deletion was requested by the pre-registrant during the pre-registration period;
  2. pre-registrations corresponding to Annex IV entries;
  3. based on inspection reports issued by the Member State Competent Authorities, pre-registrations that are considered invalid because the pre-registrant is not lawfully established in the EU or the pre-registrant could not be identified, because its postal address is not correct and it did not reply to electronic and postal inquiries;
  4. all pre-registrations made by legal entities whose REACH-IT accounts were blocked and the use of the account was never reclaimed.

ECHA advises importers, potential registrants and downstream users to consult the list of invalid pre-registrations on ECHA's new dedicated website.

The Agency also reminds pre-registrants who do not intend to register a given substance to deactivate themselves in the corresponding pre-SIEF page of REACH-IT.



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