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REACH restriction of hazardous substances in tattoo inks and permanent make-up

Webinar date

29 March 2022 14:30 - 16:30 EEST


Since 5 January 2022, certain hazardous chemicals in mixtures used for tattooing and permanent make-up are restricted in the EU.

The European Commission and ECHA organised an online information session to address technical questions that industry, such as ink formulators and tattoo artists, might have on the implementation of the restriction. The aim was to help those impacted to meet the new legal requirements set by Annex XVII of the EU’s chemicals legislation, REACH.

Questions and answers

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Introduction and welcome to participants

Mark Blainey, ECHA

14:35 EU Regulation on substances in tattoo inks and permanent make-up Ana Maria Blass Rico,
European Commission
14:40 Scope of the restriction Karin Kilian, European Commission


Common topics of interest:

  • What is a REACH restriction?
    Christian Krassnig, European Commission
  • Pigment Blue 15:3 and Pigment Green 7
    Evgenia Stoyanova, ECHA
  • Analytical methods
    Evgenia Stoyanova, ECHA
  • Communication in the supply chain
    Fesil Mushtaq, ECHA
  • Requirements for preservatives in tattoo inks
    Erik van de Plassche, ECHA


15:30 – 16:25

Live Q&A panel


16:25 – 16:30

Closing remarks

Simone Doyle, ECHA