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REACH-IT is back up – ECHA clarifies criteria for ‘one substance, one registration'


The dossier submission tool, REACH-IT, is now back up following a maintenance break to implement the requirements of the new Implementing Regulation on joint submission of data and data sharing. ECHA also clarifies the criteria for submitting initial registrations and updates.

Helsinki, 27 January 2016 – The implementing regulation gives ECHA the mandate to make sure that all registrants of the same substance are part of one joint registration.

However, with initial registrations, the criteria for submitting depend on the existing context: for example, whether other joint or individual submissions already exist and whether they are full or intermediate dossiers. These criteria and how ECHA applies them are available in the PDF document below.

If you need to update your dossier, ECHA will, for the time being, continue to accept requested updates on individual dossiers. Requested updates follow a formal ECHA decision on, for example, technical completeness checks, compliance checks or confidentiality claim assessments.

More support material on how ECHA plans to carry out the requirements set in the implementing regulation will be available in the near future.


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