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Our September Newsletter is now online


Read about the work ahead for registrants to keep their registrations up to date and manage their substance portfolios responsibly. You can also find out why the EU is looking into restricting the use of lead shot in wetlands, and information about a secure poison centres notification portal to help industry prepare and submit information about their hazardous mixtures.

Helsinki, 13 September 2018 – You can hear Andreas Herdina’s views on how ECHA is delivering during times of change ahead of his retirement from active service. There is also a deeper look at the Netherlands’ proposal to lower the concentration limits of some chemicals found in rubber granules and mulches used in artificial sports pitches.

You can find out more about new guidelines to improve export notifications for EU-based companies that are exporting to countries outside the EU, whether the new REACH information requirements for nanomaterials are relevant for you, and hear from two companies who are among the first companies to opt for Union authorisation under the Biocidal Products Regulation.

There is an article that looks in more depth at ongoing research into tracking microplastic contamination at different sources including in sludge produced by wastewater treatment plants, river beds and the oceans. You can also read more about ongoing international work under the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) to increase chemicals safety in developing countries.

There is also a guest column from the Anhydrides Joint Industry Taskforce (AJIT) that presents an example of good supply chain communication.