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New ECHA public data availability system - Part II

Webinar date

19 October 2023 11:00 - 12:00 EEST (GMT +3)


Welcome to the second part of our webinar series on the new ECHA public data availability system. This webinar continues from our first webinar organised in April 2023.

In this session, we will guide you through the progress made in the development of the new system, that will replace our existing chemicals database. Through a live demonstration, we will showcase the features of its initial release and provide updates on the transition timeline.

ECHA maintains the largest chemicals database in the European Union, integrating industry-submitted data with regulatory information. In 2022, our database received over 30 million pageviews and we are on track for 50 million pageviews in 2023.

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Given the growing volume and diversity of data to be made available, ECHA is introducing a new system. The system will be phased in over the coming years, starting with REACH registration data and progressing to the Classification and Labelling Inventory, followed by regulatory data. The aim of this webinar series is to inform you about the upcoming changes and help you prepare for them.

Join us for this informative session, as we outline the future of our chemicals database.






Roberta Di Blasi - ECHA


Recap with timeline

Roberta Di Blasi - ECHA


Live demo (REACH registrations)

Roberta Di Blasi - ECHA


Regulatory obligations and processes

Gerson Martin - ECHA


Transition plan and conclusions

Gerson Martin - ECHA

11:30 – 12:00

Webinar remains open for questions