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More enforcement on authorisation and registration coming up for 2019


New enforcement projects on authorisation and registration duties are planned by the Forum for 2019. Joint action with stakeholders for improving the quality of safety data sheets has also been agreed.

Helsinki, 27 June 2017 - At its 27th plenary meeting on 20-21 June, the Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement decided that its seventh major enforcement project REF-7 (REACH-EN-FORCE-7) will focus on checking duties related to registration and registrations of intermediates.

An intermediate is a substance that is manufactured or used for chemical processing in order to be transformed into another substance. This way, the Forum will follow-up on the last registration deadline and also check that substances registered as intermediates are indeed handled as intermediates under REACH.

In checking the registration duties, the inspectors will also cooperate with customs authorities to ensure adequate control of imported substances.

The Forum also decided to run a third pilot project on authorisation in 2019. This third project will focus on substances subject to authorisation such as chromates and chromium VI. Inspectors will check whether companies that are using or placing these substances on the market have the required authorisation.

Since many accredited stakeholder organisations expressed interest in the joint action with the Forum on improving the quality of safety data sheets (SDSs) announced after its 26th plenary meeting, the Forum decided to launch such an initiative. The Forum will liaise with the accredited stakeholder organisations in the summer 2017 to inform them about how to get involved in this joint action.

The BPR Subgroup of the Forum met on 22 June for its second plenary meeting. It elected Ms Francesca Ravaioli (IT) as its second Vice Chair. The BPR Subgroup discussed its activities for 2017 and 2018 as well as a potential subject of its enforcement project for 2019.

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