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Lead in hunting and sports shooting workshop

The workshop was intended to facilitate a technical and scientific discussion on various issues related to the use of lead in hunting and shooting to serve as an input into the investigation on the need for a REACH restriction on these uses that ECHA is carrying out at the request of the Commission.

The workshop did not cover the use of lead in recreational and commercial fishing for which a separate event will be organised later this year.

Given the breadth and complexity of the various issues that were up for discussion, ECHA invited a wide range of stakeholders to the workshop including nature/conservation organisations, academics, hunting organisations, sports shooting associations, ammunition manufacturers, and industry associations as well as relevant governmental and international organisations.

The first day of the programme focused on the viewpoints of different stakeholders with regard to the use of lead in hunting, sport shooting activities and its impact on wildlife and human health (via meat consumption), whereas the second day focussed on substitution to lead-free ammunition and risk management measures for containing lead at sports shooting ranges.

The presentations represent the views of the authors only. Publication of these presentations does not necessarily mean that ECHA accepts or endorses them. The information discussed and gathered during the event will be taken into account in the preparation of the restriction proposal.

Workshop summary [PDF][EN]


Day 1 – Session 1

Day 1 – Session 2

Day 2 – Session 1