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IUCLID 5 stand-alone installation video tutorials are now available

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IUCLID 5 installation video tutorials are now available for all users wishing to successfully download and install IUCLID 5 in a stand-alone environment.

Helsinki, 4 October 2011 - IUCLID 5 is the software, made available by the European Chemicals Agency, used for preparing registrations and notifications for the purposes of the REACH and CLP Regulations.

In order to install IUCLID 5 successfully in a single user environment (stand-alone version), video tutorials for the installation of the three main required software components are available:

  1. Downloading and installing Java
  2. Downloading and installing PostgreSQL
  3. Downloading and installing IUCLID

For IUCLID 5 users with REACH obligations, an additional video, "Downloading and installing the Technical Completeness Check (TCC) plug-in" has also been released.


Further information

Videos are available on the following web pages:

ECHA webinars section

IUCLID website

ECHA's YouTube channel

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