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IUCLID 5.4 is now available

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The new major update of IUCLID 5 is now available for download on the IUCLID website. This new version includes additional fields for reporting exposure, PBT (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic chemicals) and human hazard assessment data as well as other new functionalities.

Helsinki, 5 June 2012 – Companies and Authorities are encouraged to install IUCLID 5.4 in order to be ready to submit dossiers to ECHA from July 2012, when the updated version of REACH-IT is released. However, registrants wishing to submit new dossiers or updates before the release of the new REACH-IT must still use IUCLID 5.3.

IUCLID 5.4 features

IUCLID 5 contains templates for the intrinsic and hazard properties of chemicals. However, the ability to report in a structured form on the conditions of manufacture and use, and on the related exposure, has been limited. In IUCLID 5.4, section 3 has been redesigned to increase the possibility to document information on uses. In addition, the database structure has been extended in order to allow the entry of exposure information e.g. exposure estimates for humans and the environment, exposure assessment methods and tools.

IUCLID 5.4 also includes the outcome of the PBT (Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic chemicals) assessment in the extended Classification & Labelling IUCLID section (section 2.3). Additional information for the human hazard assessment can be reported as well (cf. endpoint summaries of section 7).

In addition, new functionalities are available for users, such as:

  • Organisation of IUCLID documents in a folder structure: in IUCLID 5.4, substances and dossiers can be grouped in pre-defined or customised folders.
  • Bulk user creation and update: IUCLID 5.4 allows the database administrator to manage the IUCLID users using an Excel template, enabling bulk creation/update/ deletion of user accounts.

Compatibility and migration

As with previous releases, backward compatibility is ensured, meaning that all IUCLID documents created with previous versions of IUCLID 5 can be uploaded to the latest version.

The upgrade to IUCLID 5.4 includes a migration step which starts when launching the new IUCLID 5.4 application for the first time. The migration procedure is described in the installation manuals. ECHA strongly recommends companies to back-up their data before upgrading to the new version.

IUCLID plug-ins compatible with IUCLID 5.4 to be released in July

New versions of all IUCLID plug-ins, that are compatible with IUCLID 5.4, will be made available on the IUCLID website in July, when the new version of REACH-IT is released. Examples of the plug-ins include those for the the Technical Completeness Check, Dissemination, Fee Calculation and the Chemical Safety Report Generator.

What is IUCLID 5?

IUCLID 5 is a key software application essential for the chemical industry to capture and exchange information on chemicals, based on the OECD Harmonised Templates, and to comply with different international legislations. It is also used by regulatory authorities to store and maintain chemical databases.

Further information

More details on features included in IUCLID 5.4 can be found in the release notes. The installation manuals and release notes are included in the installation packages of the distributed and standalone versions, available on the IUCLID website.


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