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Is your substance no longer to be registered in 2013?

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ECHA is now publishing the list of substances to be registered in May 2013, for which the lead registrant is unknown. ECHA calls on registrants and downstream users to bring clarity on that list.

Helsinki, 11 February 2013 – To support registrants and downstream users in fulfilling their duties under REACH, ECHA published last year a list of substances identified by industry to be registered by 31 May 2013 on its website. This list is regularly updated and also specifies whether a lead registrant is preparing for registration or has already registered.  There are currently 3052 substances on this list.

The Agency is now publishing an additional list to raise awareness on the substances for which ECHA has so far neither received a lead registrant nomination nor a registration despite the fact that industry has flagged its intention to register the substance in 2013. The list currently contains around 700 substances.

Downstream users and potential registrants are strongly encouraged to check this list to ensure that their substances manufactured or imported at or above 100 tonnes a year will be registered on time. Substances on the list that will not be registered may unexpectedly disappear from the market.

If your substance is on the list, you should contact your supplier if you are a downstream user or your SIEF members if you are a manufacturer or importer. Industry trade associations and ECHA may provide further support on deciding on the course of action.

Registrants preparing dossiers for the substances on the new list are strongly encouraged to inform ECHA about the lead registrant, using the dedicated webform, or about their intention to register by email to the functional mailbox below. Please use the same functional mailbox to explain why eventually the substance does no longer need to be registered.

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