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Information session on new registration process

4 November 2015 | Brussels

This information session provided stakeholders with an overview of the upcoming changes in tools and processes involved in the registration of substances under REACH. 


In preparation for the next registration deadline in 2018, ECHA is revising the registration process. ECHA and industry associations had organised this information session to inform stakeholders on the upcoming changes including the update of the completeness check process, changes in the IT tools and the implementation of the One Substance One Registration principle. Organising industry associations were Cefic, Eurometaux, Concawe and FECC.

Key topics

  • Drivers behind the changes
  • Strengthening the OSOR principle: One Substance One Registration
  • Updated Completeness Check
  • New versions of IUCLID, REACH-IT and Chesar in 2016
  • Increasing the availability of information


  • Quality observations on dossiers, Adolf Eisenträger, Presentation[PDF]
  • Challenges of the SIEFs, Geert Boeije, International Antimony Association, Presentation[PDF]
  • Challenges of the SIEFs for SMEs, Barbara Dallinger, UEAPME, Presentation[PDF]
  • Needs for enhanced dissemination, Vito Buonsante, ClientEarth, Presentation[PDF]
  • Strengthening the OSOR principle, Jos Mossink, ECHA, Presentation[PDF]
  • Updated Completeness check, Javier Sanchez, ECHA, Presentation[PDF]
  • Key changes in IUCLID 6 & REACH-IT, Mike Rasenberg, ECHA, Presentation[PDF]
  • Transparent reporting of more complex cases: the assessment entity, Violaine Verougstraete, Eurometaux, Presentation[PDF]
  • Reporting Use and exposure information in IUCLID, Francisco del Castillo, Concawe, Presentation[PDF]
  • Main improvements and foreseen support, Hélène Magaud, ECHA, Presentation[PDF]
  • Advantages of using Chesar, Leo van der Biessen, Royal Haskoning, Presentation[PDF]
  • New dissemination pages, more transparency on substances under scrutiny, Christel Musset, ECHA, Presentation[PDF]
  • Downloading data possibilities, Erwin Annys, Cefic, Presentation[PDF]

Target audience

Registrants and consortia (including consultants working for them), Member State authorities, sector associations and other stakeholders with interest in REACH registration.

Contact email

For specific questions, contact: EHSassistant (at)

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