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Improve your dossier – new web section and Dossier Quality Assistant now available


ECHA continues to develop ways to support registrants in improving the quality of their registrations. A new version of the Dossier Quality Assistant is now available to help registrants find potential inconsistencies in their dossiers. In addition, a new section has been published on ECHA's website where registrants can easily find concrete information to improve their dossiers.

Helsinki, 7 March 2014 – The Dossier Quality Assistant (DQA) has been developed to detect some of the most common inconsistencies the Agency has encountered in dossier evaluation and other screening activities. The tool can be used to check substance datasets and dossiers in IUCLID before submitting a REACH registration to ECHA. Now, the DQA has been updated with further checks on topics such as substance identification, use description and the link between composition and classification.

The Dossier Quality Assistant is included in the IUCLID Technical Completeness Check (TCC) plug-in – now renamed the Validation Assistant plug-in. No changes have been made to the technical completeness check or business rules. The new Dossier Quality Assistant can be used with IUCLID 5 versions 5.4.0 and onwards.

The DQA, as well as specific information to support registrants in improving their dossiers, are now included in a new section on the Agency's website. This section offers help to registrants preparing an initial registration or an update. It includes information on areas where ECHA has frequently found shortcomings and gives recommendations and advice on how to address those.

Companies are recommended to use the new version of the Dossier Quality Assistant and to consult the information online before updating their dossiers, or submitting new ones, to find out what ECHA expects from a high-quality dossier.