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Highlights of the tenth plenary meeting of the Forum

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Forum members reviewed the results of the prolongation of the first Forum coordinated enforcement project and agreed on the subject of the third enforcement project. The meeting was followed by the second Stakeholder Workshop.

Helsinki, 10 October 2011 - The first coordinated enforcement project on registration obligations for phase-in substances and on Safety Data Sheets from substance suppliers was presented during the meeting held from 3 to 5 October 2011. The rate of non-compliance with legal provisions observed during the course of the full project indicated that there is a clear need for industry to further improve the quality of these documents. The project was a good example for promoting a harmonised enforcement approach among Member States towards establishing a level playing field throughout the EU. The final report will be available by mid November.

The Forum's third harmonised enforcement project will once more focus on registration obligations. Its scope will cover the verification of the registrations by Only Representatives and the cooperation with custom authorities controlling imports of substances. Separately from this project, some Member States will pilot the verification of registrations for intermediates.

Additionally, a new Working Group was set up to establish a common method for preparing, managing and evaluating future coordinated enforcement projects.

The Forum's Stakeholder Workshop on enforcement issues took place on 6 October 2011. Industry and civil society stakeholders enjoyed an open discussion with the Forum, with an exchange of information on the practical challenges faced by industry in complying with REACH and CLP as well as potential solutions for addressing them correctly.

The next Forum Plenary meeting is scheduled for 28-29 February 2012 and will exceptionally be held in Brussels.


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