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Getting meaningful exposure scenarios: how sector use maps help

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30 March 2017 11:00 - 13:00 EEST, GMT +3


This webinar is of interest for downstream users and downstream user sector organisations who want to optimise the communication of safe use information in the supply chain.

Participants will learn about the sector use map concept, its benefits, and its implementation.

Downstream users need to ensure they meet the conditions described in the exposure scenarios they receive. It is key that these exposure scenarios reflect the conditions of use in place, where those can be demonstrated to be safe. Exposure scenarios are generated by registrants. Therefore downstream users need to communicate to registrants how their substances are used. Sector use maps are an efficient way of communicating such information to registrants.

Sector use maps avoid the need for bilateral contacts between downstream users and registrants and ensure that downstream users receive realistic and harmonised exposure scenarios, making them easier to process.

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