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Forum launches major project on classification and labelling of mixtures


The Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement (Forum) has agreed to launch a project on classification and labelling of mixtures and SDSs.

Helsinki, 11 November 2016 – From 8 to 10 November, the Forum held its 25th plenary meeting where it decided the subject of its sixth major coordinated enforcement project REACH-EN-FORCE-6 (REF-6). The project will focus on the classification and labelling of mixtures including the check of relevant parts of the SDS.

The project will also have optional modules, allowing national enforcement authorities (NEAs) to check a number of other CLP obligations. These include obligations related to notifying classification to the C&L Inventory, the duty to apply harmonised classification and labelling, application of labelling and packaging exemptions as well as new rules for packaging of liquid laundry detergent caps.

The project scope was developed based on proposals from the Member States, accredited stakeholder organisations, the European Commission and ECHA. The project will be prepared in 2017 and inspections will take place in 2018. Publication of the report is expected near the end of 2019.

Internet sales, substances in articles and PIC

Field inspections of the Forum pilot project on internet sales have started. The inspectors check if sellers provide the required information when selling hazardous chemicals online.

The Forum started preparations for the pilot project on substances in articles with the intention to initiate inspections in 2017. The project will look into the duty to notify substances of very high concern (SVHCs) in articles and the requirements for communicating information on SVHCs in the supply chain. The Forum also agreed on a pilot project focusing on PIC obligations where inspectors will check the duties related to export notification. PIC-related inspections in that project are expected to start in 2018.

Open session with accredited stakeholders

The Forum also held an open session with accredited stakeholder organisations (ASOs). The core discussion was on the findings of the REF-3 project and the observations of the national inspectorates from 2014 regarding the compliance with duties of only representatives (ORs) and proactive communication in the supply chains involving ORs. The stakeholder organisations involved agreed to consider related awareness raising actions. The Forum also invited the ASOs to submit new proposals for the 2017 enforcement project selection cycle.

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