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Follow the REACH 2013 registration progress online


For the first time, ECHA publishes specific information on the registration progress towards the 2013 deadline. This information is available on ECHA's REACH 2013 web page and will be updated weekly in the run up to the deadline of 31 May.

Helsinki, 22 March 2013 – The new information relates to the number of substances registered for the 31 May 2013 deadline. It also breaks down the registrations by their type, their role in the joint submission, company size and whether the registration was submitted by a manufacturer, importer or an only representative. The number of registration dossiers submitted in each of the 27 EU Member States and the number of dossiers currently being processed is also presented.

The REACH 2013 web page will continue to provide an overview of the substances intended to be registered by 31 May, together with detailed lists of registration intentions and lead registrant nominations. Registrants can also find tips, related to their roles in the joint submission, for their last minute tasks. In addition, specific support information on the IT tools to be used during the preparation and submission of the registration dossier is available.

Companies are encouraged to follow the progress of registrations to ensure that their substances manufactured or imported at or above 100 tonnes a year are being registered. A further course of action is to check with their suppliers to ensure that preparations towards the deadline are going as planned. Substances that will not be registered may unexpectedly disappear from the market.

ECHA expects that approximately 4 000 substances will be registered by the deadline. Of these, up to 900 substances were already registered in 2010 and 3 100 are additional substances for the 2013 deadline.

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