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ECHA updates its CSR illustrative example with IUCLID and Chesar data files

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Helsinki, 30 November 2012 – To support companies in complying with their obligations under REACH, ECHA released an illustrative example of a chemical safety report in May 2012. Now, the example has been updated to align it with the IT tools available to registrants to undertake and document their chemical safety assessment (IUCLID 5.4 and Chesar 2.1).

Whilst the content of the chemical safety report has remained mostly the same, the way in which the information is reported has changed so that it now follows the structure provided by the current IT tool versions. In particular, the information in CSR chapters 9 and 10 (exposure scenario, exposure assessment and risk characterisation) has been restructured in order to improve the readibility and presentation of key data in the CSR. Templates that suggest how the information in sections 9 and 10 can be reported have also been published by ECHA.

The IUCLID and Chesar files that contain the information used to generate the illustrative example CSR are released for the first time. These allow users to understand more clearly how to construct a chemical safety assessment and to report its outputs.

The IUCLID 5.4 substance dataset contains only the information that is reported in the CSR (chapters 1 to 8). Details that are necessary to make the robust study summaries complete, and therefore a compliant REACH technical dossier, are not reported.

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