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ECHA launches a new procedure for submitting Alternative Chemical Name Requests

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A new online form allows manufacturers, importers and downstream users to request the use of alternative chemical names. They may choose to do this, if they believe that the disclosure of a substance name on the label of their mixtures or in the safety data sheets reveals business secrets. This is in accordance with Article 24 of the CLP Regulation.

Helsinki, 30 September 2011 - Producers of mixtures are obliged to inform the users of any relevant hazardous ingredient in the mixture by disclosing its chemical identity. Typical mixtures are for example; paints, cleaning agents or dish washer detergents. Under certain conditions ECHA or EU Member States authorities may grant exemptions from this obligation. Article 24 of the EC Regulation (1272/2008) on Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) allows the submission of requests for the use of an alternative name for the substance not to be revealed. Before such exemptions are granted, ECHA examines whether the safe use of the mixture may be compromised.

Manufacturers, Importers and Downstream Users can submit their application for using an alternative name to ECHA only if the mixture(s), which contains the substance for which the alternative name will be used, is classified and labelled according to the CLP Regulation. If the mixture is classified and labelled according to the Dangerous Preparations Directive (DPD), the alternative name request has to be submitted to a Competent Authority in one of the EU Member States where the substance is placed on the market. According to the CLP Fee Regulation, a fee will be charged for all requests submitted to ECHA.

A Data Submission Manual, now available on ECHA's website, provides step-by-step instructions for how to prepare an Alternative Name Request dossier in IUCLID 5 and submit it via a web form to ECHA. Additionally, to assist companies in the preparation of an alternative name request dossier, the latest version of the TCC plug-in (version 5.3.1) simulates several of the business rules checks performed at ECHA for this dossier type.



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