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This year’s first issue of the ECHA Newsletter is now available. It gives Bjorn Hansen’s first thoughts on his role as Executive Director and the path ahead, and also highlights our new substitution strategy, the Enforcement Forum’s new report on the status of restrictions and how chemicals can cause IQ loss and autism in unborn children.

Helsinki, 15 February 2018 - You can also read more on the poison centres and changes taking place in notifying hazardous mixtures on the market, the need for more progress to replace animal testing, and the incentives in place to support innovation in biocides.

We also bring you the thoughts of the EU Ombudsman on the transparency of EU agencies, two campaigns on classification and labelling that aim to help youngsters learn the symbols and a case study from a global developer and supplier for the pulp, paper and energy industries, that explores how they deal with the challenge of collecting reliable data.

Our guest column gives an expert view on how to master challenging chemical risk assessments using Chesar even for substances for which there is not a straightforward approach for risk assessment.

The Newsletter is also always available in PDF format on our Newsletter web page.

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