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Biocides IT tools improved based on user feedback

Helsinki, 15 November 2017 – A new version of the biocides submission tool, R4BP 3, is now available with improvements in the user interface and the search and communication functionalities. The Summary of Product Characteristics Editor (SPC Editor) has also been updated. 
The new features in R4BP 3 include: 
  • the possibility to apply for mutual recognition of the same biocidal product in market areas where the original product has already been authorised;
  • the possibility for the evaluating competent authorities to redefine active substances;
  • the possibility for companies to provide scientific data after active substance approval;
  • direct messaging from company to authority on the initiative of the company;
  • the new “Relation diagram” tab providing a graphical representation (a tree structure) of the relation between cases and assets;
  • enhanced search filters and export functions;
  • additional filters to search for messages and the possibility to archive messages;
  • the possibility for bulk upload of a summary of product characteristics in grouped submissions;
  • the possibility to group multiple products in one application for notification to other markets when they are eligible for simplified authorisation.
The SPC Editor has also been updated and now includes: 
  • the possibility to select multiple product-types for each use;
  • improved support for special characters.
If you had a deadline in R4BP 3 during its maintenance break from 13 to 15 November, the deadline is automatically extended by three days.
Read more about the new features in the release note. 

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