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Biocidal Products Committee concludes on a Union authorisation for disinfectants


The Committee supported the approval of DBNPA for use as a disinfectant. It also concluded on one application for Union authorisation.

Helsinki, 29 June 2018 – The Biocidal Products Committee supported the approval of DBNPA for use in disinfectants (product-type 4). However, the evaluating Member State, Denmark, has been requested to assess whether the active substance meets the new criteria for endocrine-disrupting properties before the Committee adopts its opinion on the active substance.

The Committee could not conclude on the proposal for chlorfenapyr for use in pest control products, and therefore a revised proposal will need to be submitted to the Committee. 

The Committee also concluded favourably on an application for Union authorisation for a product family containing iodine/PVP-iodine.

Following a request from the European Commission, the Committee also adopted an opinion on a product used for the temporary preservation of corpses. The Committee concluded that a substance in the product acts as an active substance in line with the definition set out in the Biocidal Products Regulation (substance name confidential).  

The European Commission together with the EU Member States will take the final decision on the approval of the active substances and on the Union authorisation of the biocidal products.

The Committee met from 27 June to 28 June 2018. The opinions will be available on ECHA’s website in the near future. The next meeting will be held in October 2018. 

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