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A new version of the Technical Completeness Check plug-in includes Substance Identity checks for inquiry dossiers

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The TCC plug-in version 5.3.1 is now available on the IUCLID website.

Helsinki, 19 August 2011 - The IUCLID Technical Completeness Check (TCC) plug-in version 5.3.1 now includes the possibility to check substance datasets and dossiers for inquiry notifications using a Substance Identity (SID) check. This tool has been designed to assist companies in identifying the fields in IUCLID, which should be filled in or given particular attention.
To facilitate the processing of an inquiry by ECHA, and increase their chances of a positive outcome, companies are highly encouraged to run the SID check tool and address any issues identified in the Inquiry dossier before submitting it. Note that this tool does not provide an assessment of the adequacy of the information reported (e.g. correctness of the analytical data and overall consistency of the information given). The use of this tool is without prejudice to the expert assessment carried out by ECHA to establish the adequacy of the information required under Annex VI, Section 2 of the REACH Regulation.

Please note that the TCC plug-in still checks the completeness of substance datasets and dossiers for the purpose of registrations and PPORD notifications under the REACH regulation. It also covers part of the business rules check for registration dossiers, downstream user reports, PPORD, substance in articles and inquiry notifications under the REACH Regulation, and CLP notifications under the CLP Regulation.


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