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When you have questions related to your BPR, CLP and REACH obligations, you should first contact the national helpdesks* in the European Union, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. These helpdesks offer service in your local languages and have a good understanding of national conditions. In some cases, they may also be able to give information on certain aspects of enforcement but they will not focus on providing tailor-made information on how you should meet those obligations. This remains your responsibility.

You can find answers to many questions already on the websites of the national helpdesks.

The national helpdesks and ECHA cooperate within the BPR, CLP and REACH Helpdesks Network (HelpNet).

*Under the BPR, Member States may also provide support through their competent authorities without a specific helpdesk.


The ECHA Helpdesk gives advice to you on your obligations under the BPR, CLP, PIC and REACH regulations. We also offer support on ECHA's IT tools, such as IUCLID 5, REACH-IT, R4BP 3 and Chesar.

The advice is free of charge. We reply to questions within 15 working days and guarantee service in English. We can also reply to questions in other languages; however, in such cases the reply may take longer.