All substances that have been notified under Directive 67/548/EEC (also called NONS) and have a recognised notification number are regarded as registered under REACH.

ECHA assigns registration numbers to all notifications and distributes them via REACH-IT, upon request of the notification's owner.

Note: You first have to sign-up in REACH-IT to allow the identification of your company to claim your registration numbers.

The claimants have to sign-up in REACH-IT for each role they represent: domestic manufacturer, importer or only representative (known as sole representative under Directive 67/548/EEC) and submit their claim for NONS, using the appropriate REACH-IT account.

Requesting a registration number for a notified substance

1. Read the relevant manual.

Industry User Manual - Part 10: Claim of a registration number for a notified substance.

2. Prepare your claim.

The following details in the REACH-IT module will be requested from you:

  1. Notification and ELINCS numbers of the notified substance.
  2. Notifier's name, city and country exactly as specified in the notification (section 0.2.10 of the Summary Notification Interchange Format (SNIF) file).
  3. If relevant: Individual letters or contracts from the non-EU manufacturer you represent declaring that you have been appointed to be their only representative under REACH for the notified substance. The letters should be in pdf format and written in one of the EU languages.
  4. If relevant: Letter or contract from the previous sole representative under Directive 67/548/EEC, declaring that they will no longer act as sole representative and that they agree to transfer their duties to you as the newly appointed only representative under REACH for the notified substance. The letters should be in pdf format and written in one of the EU languages.

3. Claim your registration number via REACH-IT using the "Claim Notified Substances" module.

Note: Provided that your details specified in REACH-IT match those of the notification, REACH-IT will automatically provide the registration number. If the details do not match, REACH-IT will not grant any registration number and the notifier will have to contact the relevant Member State Competent Authority to clear-up the situation.

Updating the NONS registration dossier

Refer to the following document:

  • Questions and Answers for the registrants of previously Notified Substances (Chapter 4).

Note: You first have to claim your registration number before updating your registration.

NONS and the CLP Regulation

Dossiers of substances notified under Directive 67/548/EEC need to be updated with the CLP classifications without undue delay after 1 December 2010.

The timely update of such a dossier with the CLP classifications will render a separate notification to the C&L inventory by the same manufacturer or importer unnecessary. ECHA recommends industry to submit such updates as soon as practicable.

Legal reference: Article 22 of REACH