Potential registrants of non-phase-in substances or phase-in substances that were not pre-registered have to inquire from ECHA whether a registration has previously been submitted for the same substance. In addition, they have to inform ECHA of their information needs so that the available data can be shared among the registrants of the same substance.

Companies must also inform ECHA of the additional information that they would require for an update of a registration due to a tonnage band increase.

There are two options to prepare and submit an inquiry dossier.

Preparing an inquiry dossier with REACH-IT

1. Log in to REACH-IT and follow the steps to enter the required information online. The submission is the final step in the online process.

Related manuals

Industry User Manual - Part 11: Online dossier creation and submission for inquiries

Preparing an inquiry dossier with IUCLID 5

  1. Create the dossier with the latest version of IUCLID 5.
  2. Use the IUCLID 5 technical completeness check plug-in to detect any missing information and pre-check certain ‘Business Rules'.
  3. Submit your inquiry dossier via REACH-IT.