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Who is a downstream user under REACH and CLP?

Users of chemicals don't always know when they are "downstream users" under the REACH and CLP regulations. This short video describes the roles and different types of downstream users simply and directs viewers to further information.



ECHA Accounts for R4BP 3 users

This video provides an overview of how ECHA account management works for R4BP 3 users. It helps to understand the scope of ECHA Accounts, account conversion from REACH-IT, basic principles of account management and where to find further support.



The Price You Pay


Going shopping today? You have the right to know if the products you buy contain dangerous chemicals. See the video on the "price to pay" and check our website for more information in 23 languages.

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How ECHA performs compliance checks

This video explains how ECHA performs both targeted and overall compliance checks on registration dossiers submitted by registrants for the REACH registration deadlines.


Training: EU Chemicals Legislation - Why is it the business of non-chemical companies?

In an effort to promote wider awareness on the EU chemicals legislation among SMEs, the European Chemicals Agency organised a training for members of the Enterprise Europe Network which consists of more than 600 business advice and support organisations in more than 50 countries, helping small companies to make the most of the business opportunities in the EU.


Video Tutorial: Creation of a biocidal product dossier with IUCLID

The aim of this video is to present the IUCLID 5.5 dossier creation process for a biocidal product (in conformity with the Biocidal Products Regulation). Different steps are described: creation of a substance dataset, creation of a biocidal product dataset with special emphasis on product composition, and creation of the biocidal product authorisation dossier. The specific new features of IUCLID 5.5 related to biocides are also briefly introduced.


ECHA Video Tutorial: How to browse the content of a BPR Dossier.

This video tutorial will guide you through the different components of an IUCLID dossier prepared to provide the information required for a Biocidal Product Authorisation application dossier under the Biocidal Product Regulation. The tutorial provides some tips on how to retrieve a dossier in IUCLID or how to quickly find the required information for example.


ECHA Video Tutorial: BPR - Draft SPC generated using the IUCLID report generator

This video tutorial explains how the information stored in IUCLID for a Biocidal product can be used to automatically generate a draft Summary of Product Characteristics using the Report Generator available since July on the IUCLID website. The tutorial describes the mapping between the IUCLID structure and the SPC content


ECHA Video Tutorial: BPR - How to use annotations in IUCLID

This video tutorial presents the functioning of the annotations in IUCLID. Competent Authorities have to access and review the content of the IUCLID dossiers submitted by companies for the purpose of the Biocidal Product Regulation. Although dossiers are read-only, it is possible for the assessors to add comments or record the outcome of their assessment on the different parts of a dossier using the IUCLID annotations.


REACH 2013 Registration Results - Press Conference

By the 31 May 2013, 3 215 companies have submitted 9 084 registration dossiers to ECHA for chemicals manufactured or imported in quantities from 100 to 1 000 tonnes per year. 20% of all registrations were submitted by micro, small or medium sized companies and 80% came from large companies. 23% of the registrations were made by 'only representatives' on behalf of non-European companies.

This is a video recording of the press conference organised by ECHA in Brussels, announcing the registration results. The video includes presentations from ECHA's Executive Director Geer Dancet and ECHA's Director of Registration, Christel Musset.


ECHA Video Tutorial: How to submit a substance in article notification via webform

The tutorial shows how to fill in the right webform and submit a notification of substances in articles to ECHA.


ECHA Video Tutorial: How to submit a downstream user report via web-form

The tutorial shows you how to submit a downstream user report to ECHA using a web-form. The video goes through the different sections of the web-form in detail and gives an overview of the process for preparing, amending or withdrawing a downstream user report.


Chesar Video Tutorial - Manage substances in Chesar 2

The tutorial presents a general overview of the functionalities of the so-called Box 1 of Chesar 2.2. With Box 1, the user can manage the substances to be assessed and check the information related to its properties contained in the IUCLID file.


Chesar Video Tutorial - Introduction to Chesar 2

The tutorial presents a general overview of the functionalities of Chesar 2 and describes the workflow for carrying out a chemical safety assessment and generating a chemical safety report. The tutorial will help users to develop their understanding of the structure and terminology of Chesar 2.


Nanomaterials in IUCLID 5

The purpose of this video tutorial is to illustrate the main recommendations included in the the IUCLID User Manual "Nanomaterials in IUCLID 5" available on the IUCLID website.

The manual includes instructions on how registrants can report, in their IUCLID dossier, when a nanoform has been used in experimental studies. It is provided as a help for registrants to prepare or update registration dossiers for substances that are nanomaterials or include nanoforms.


Overview of Chesar 2.0

Overview of Chesar 2.0 including its new features.
Video recording of IT-tool training provided to participants during the European Chemicals Agency's Second Lead Registrant Workshop organised in Helsinki Finland from 11 to 12 October 2012.


Classification & Labelling Inventory

Video tutorial on the search functions and features of the public C&L Inventory.


ECHA's new visual identity

ECHA launched a new visual and corporate identity together with a brand new website.


Chemistry in the classroom

A Euronews TV crew recently visited ECHA and the European School to make a story on how science and chemistry are best learnt by experimenting. Euronews also spoke with Marie Sklodowska Curie's granddaughter on the occasion of the opening ceremony of ECHA's Marie Sklodowska Curie conference centre.


The operation of REACH and CLP 2011

The overarching message of this report is that the REACH and CLP Regulations are working well and that the various actors responsible for the work are responding as required. This is largely attributable to the commitment and collaborative work between industry, stakeholders, the Member States, the European Commission and ECHA.


The use of alternatives to testing on animals for the REACH Regulation 2011

This is the first report provided by ECHA on the use of alternatives to testing on animals since REACH came into effect. The registration dossiers for high tonnage substances that were submitted from 1 June 2008 until 28 February 2011 were analysed to get an overall picture of the use of animal studies and non-animal methods used.


 ECHA received 3.1 million Classification and Labelling notifications

By 3 January 2011, ECHA received 3 114 835 notifications of 24 529 substances for the Classification and Labelling Inventory. By this deadline, industry had to notify the classification and labelling of all chemical substances that are hazardous or subject to registration under the REACH regulation and placed on the EU market.

For the updated Classification and Labelling notifications statistics, please refer to the following press release:

Corrigendum to the CLP statistics - 18/1/2011


Most hazardous and most common chemicals registered

By the REACH deadline of 30 November 2010, 24,675 registration dossiers have been successfully submitted for 4,300 substances including nearly 3,400 phase-in substances.

Watch an interview with Geert Dancet, ECHA's Executive Director, and Christel Musset, Director of Registration and IT Tools.


ECHA invites companies to get ready and notify in time

The EU Regulation on Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) places new legal obligations on chemical companies operating in the EU market. By 1 December 2010, they are required to classify and label their hazardous substances according to the CLP rules.



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