Identified substances for registration in 2010

Substances identified but not registered (Data as of 15th September 2011)

The Directors' Contact Group carried out a survey in spring 2010 to focus the estimates of substances intended to be registered by the first registration deadline. The result of the survey was the list of substances identified for registration in 2010. It was based on feedback received from companies. The list was published to give downstream users, manufacturers and importers the opportunity to check that registrations were being prepared for substances which needed to be registered in 2010. Indeed the substances that should have been registered but are not, cannot be legally manufactured, imported or used within the EU after 1 December 2010.

After the deadline, ECHA reported a gap of substances not registered, which represented about 30% of all intentions. Mandated by the DCG, ECHA has analysed the discrepancy between the intended and the realised registrations of phase-in substances.

The result of this investigation is a list of the substances identified for registration in 2010 but for which the specific EC (or CAS) number listed has not yet been registered. Where it has been provided to ECHA, the reason for non-registration in 2010 is given. In addition, in some cases substances were registered but with a different EC or List number to that which was declared as intended to be registered; where possible the different EC or List number is indicated in the relevant column.

NB: The information is based on individual companies' feedback. ECHA has not verified any of the exemptions which may be mentioned and it remains the responsibility of industry to decide whether they need to register the same substance in the future. The registration status used to prepare this list is as of 15 September 2011, and substances are continually being registered with ECHA. The list of registered substances is regularly updated, and can be found on the ECHA Dissemination Portal.

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