Enforcement Forum

Role and responsibilities

The Forum for Exchange of Information on Enforcement (Forum), according to Regulation (EC) 1907/2006, coordinates a network of Member State authorities responsible for enforcement, and has the tasks to:

  • Spread good practice and highlight problems at Community level
  • Propose, coordinate and evaluate harmonised enforcement projects and joint inspections
  • Coordinate exchange of inspectors
  • Identify enforcement strategies, as well as best practice in enforcement
  • Develop working methods and tools of use to local inspectors
  • Develop an electronic information exchange procedure
  • Liaise with industry, taking particular account of the specific needs of SMEs, and other stakeholders, including relevant international organisations, as necessary
  • Examine proposals for restrictions with a view to advising on enforceability (Art.77(4))
  • Agree common issues to be covered in the annual reports from the Member States in relation to enforcement (Art. 127).


The Forum is composed of:

  • Members appointed by Member States: Each Member State shall appoint one member to the Forum; Members shall be chosen for their experience in enforcement of chemicals legislation and shall maintain relevant contacts with the Member State competent authorities.
  • Up to five co-opted members chosen on the basis of their specific competence.

The Forum shall appoint its Chairman. The members are appointed to the Forum for a renewable term of three years. Stakeholders may be invited to attend meetings as observers, as appropriate, at the request of the Forum members, or the Management Board.

The Forum may establish working groups.


Enforceability of Restrictions

The ECHA Forum has published the Methodology to recommend analytical methods and the Compendium of analytical methods to check compliance with REACH Annex XVII restrictions. ECHA Forum invites interested parties to submit additional information to be incorporated in future updates of the Compendium by filling in the questionnaire in Annex 3 of the methodology to recommend analytical methods. This questionnaire as well as additional comments can be submitted to forum (at) echa.europa.eu.

  • Forum Methodology  for recommending analytical methods to check compliance with REACH Annex XVII restrictions [PDF]
  • Annex 3  – Questionnaire on available analytical methods to check compliance with REACH Annex XVII restrictions [XLSX]
  • Compendium of analytical methods   Recommended by the Forum to check compliance with Reach annex xvii restrictions  (14/04/2016) [PDF]