Classification & Labelling Platform

The C&L Platform is a web-based discussion forum which allows notifiers to discuss the classification and labelling of their substances and agree on appropriate classification.

ECHA has established the C&L Platform to assist registrants and notifiers in fulfilling their legal obligations and to respond to the multiple different classifications that have been notified for many substances in the C&L Inventory.

Accessing the C&L Platform

Access to the platform is restricted to registrants and notifiers of the same substance and users have the option of discussing using an alias.

The C&L Platform can only be accessed through the C&L Inventory. When two or more different classifications have been notified for the same substance, a discuss button becomes available in the summary page for that substance in the C&L Inventory. Upon clicking this button, the users are guided to a login page where they enter the platform discussion room for that substance using their REACH-IT credentials. Only those registrants and notifiers who have submitted a notification for this substance through REACH-IT can access the relevant discussion room. Discussion rooms for other substances are not available through the link and they need to be accessed through their relevant C&L Inventory summary pages.

Using the C&L Platform

Once logged in to the discussion room for a particular substance, users can choose whether to post using an automatically generated alias or their real identity. Users can also choose whether to receive email alerts when other messages are posted in the discussion room. When agreement on the classification and labelling of the substance has been reached, notifiers and registrants are requested to notify ECHA accordingly by updating their notification using REACH-IT. The changes will then be reflected in the C&L Inventory upon the next data refresh.


Using the C&L Platform also implies that users accept to be bound by the Terms and Conditions defined by ECHA.


Compliance with EU Competition law

Users of the C&L Platform are reminded that their activities must be compatible with EU Competition law.  Any investigation of alleged anti-competitive behaviour may result in the imposition of significant fines.

For more information on EU Competition law, please refer to the Commission Directorate General Competition's website at:

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