19 January 2015 - Press release

ECHA is prioritising CMR substances for risk management

ECHA's new CMR report shows that companies are adhering well to the harmonised classification of substances which have carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic properties (CMRs). The report furthermore identifies over a thousand CMR substances that potentially merit further regulatory action such as harmonised classification and, where relevant,  identification as Substance of Very High Concern. ECHA, together with Member State competent authorities is now prioritising such substances for appropriate risk management actions.

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Public Consultations



Start date: 10/12/2014 Deadline: 09/02/2015
2 consultations on SEAC draft opinion
Start date: 17/09/2014 Deadline: 17/03/2015
1 restriction proposal
Start date: 17/12/2014 Deadline: 17/06/2015
1 restriction proposal

Testing proposals

Start date: 23/01/2015 Deadline: 09/03/2015
11 testing proposals


Harmonised classification and labelling

Start date: 13/01/2015 Deadline: 27/02/2015
1 CLH proposal
Start date: 20/01/2015 Deadline: 06/03/2015
1 CLH proposal

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