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Exposure scenarios

Exposure scenarios were introduced as part of the REACH Regulation. They provide information on how the exposure of workers, consumers and the environment to substances can be controlled in order to ensure its safe use.

Relevant exposure scenarios should be included as an annex to the safety data sheet of a substance when a company in the supply chain has carried out a chemical safety assessment under REACH. Exposure scenarios may, optionally, be included for mixtures containing such substances.

A downstream user is obliged to check exposure scenarios they receive and take appropriate action to ensure safe use.

Industry sector organisations, Member States, and ECHA have worked together to improve and harmonise exposure scenarios as part of the CSR/ES Roadmap. An annotated template of an exposure scenario is provided here to present the recommended format with brief explanations and examples. A more detailed illustrative example is also provided here to support suppliers in generating exposure scenarios.

These examples reflect the outcome of cooperation between the stakeholders through the Exchange Network for Exposure Scenarios (ENES). Work is ongoing to further improve harmonisation and automation.

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