24 March 2015 - Press release

ECHA focuses on substances that matter most

Together with the Member States and the European Commission, ECHA is focusing its efforts on the substances that matter most for human health and the environment. According to the first annual report on SVHC Roadmap implementation, hundreds of substances were reviewed in 2014.

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Public Consultations


Applications for authorisation

Start date: 11/02/2015 Deadline: 08/04/2015
consultation: 1

Identification of substances of very high concern

Start date: 02/03/2015 Deadline: 16/04/2015
substance: 2


Start date: 18/03/2015 Deadline: 18/05/2015
consultation on SEAC draft opinion: 1
Start date: 17/12/2014 Deadline: 17/06/2015
restriction proposal: 1
Start date: 18/03/2015 Deadline: 18/09/2015
restriction proposal: 1

Testing proposals

Start date: 16/02/2015 Deadline: 02/04/2015
testing proposal: 21
Start date: 16/03/2015 Deadline: 30/04/2015
testing proposal: 15


Harmonised classification and labelling

Start date: 18/02/2015 Deadline: 07/04/2015
CLH proposal: 1
Start date: 10/03/2015 Deadline: 24/04/2015
CLH proposal: 1
Start date: 27/03/2015 Deadline: 11/05/2015
CLH proposal: 3


Potential candidates for substitution

Start date: 09/02/2015 Deadline: 10/04/2015
active substance: 2

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