Ex ante publicity notices - prior information on low value procurement
(<60 000 €)

Services of a senior expert to aid the methodological development work related to socio-economic analysis (ECHA/2015/256)

Implementation of the enterprise wiki Confluence from Atlassian for knowledge management in a public administration (ECHA/2015/218)

Identification of information in ConsExpo for export into a Chesar based CSA (ECHA/2015/213)

Service Contract for Workplace Consultancy (ECHA/2015/170)

Service Contract for Building Engineering (ECHA/2015/162)

Service Contract to support to develop a training programme on Chesar

Service Contract for facilitating the scientific discussions and the preparation of the scientific documentation for the proceedings of the workshop on soil risk assessment ECHA/2015/133 

Service Contract for Intercultural Management Training for ECHA Internal Trainers/Consultants ECHA/2015/65 NEW -  deadline 01/03/2015

Analysis of the relevance and adequateness of Fish Embryo Toxicity (FET) test (OECD TG 236) to fulfil the information requirements and addressed concerns under REACH ECHA/2014/341

Purchase of Property and civil liability insurance ECHA/2014/382

Designing and implementing staff satisfaction survey ECHA/2014/327

Purchasing microphones and accessories ECHA/2014/317


Database for detailed business information for companies ECHA/2013/487


Provision of a videoconference management system, as dedicated service ECHA/2013/253


Provision of courier services ECHA/2013/278


External consultancy assistance in ECHA's Efficiency Development Programme ECHA/2013/235


Supply and delivery of projectors and LCD/LED screens - Ex-ante publicity notice in negotiated procurement procedure ECHA/2013/215


Review of the QSAR Toolbox and usability improvements - Ex-ante publicity notice in negotiated procurement procedure ECHA/2013/167


Service Contract - Media database services - Ex-ante publicity notice in negotiated procurement procedure ECHA/2013/169


Service Contract - Crisis hot-line services, Ex-ante publicity notice in negotiated procurement procedure ECHA/2013/148


Framework Service Contract - Waste Management Services, Ex-ante publicity notice in negotiated procurement procedure ECHA/2013/61


Framework service contract - Fire safety training, Ex-ante publicity notice in negotiated procurement procedure ECHA/2012/435


Retrieval of CAS Registry information by CAS Registry Number (RN) and verification of given chemical names as well as retrieval of CAS Registry information by chemical name  ECHA/2012/56


Provision of event facilities, catering and related services for the annual ECHA Corporate Day - Ex-ante publicity notice in negotiated procurement procedure ECHA/2012/60


Waste Management Services Ex-ante publicity in negotiated procurement procedure ECHA/2011/19


Consultancy services - Designing and implementing the staff satisfaction survey - Ex-ante publicity notice ECHA/2011/135


Intensive training on analytical methods and their applications to specific substances types - Ex-ante publicity notice ECHA/2011/84


Removal Services - Ex-ante publicity notice ECHA/2011/33


Fire safety consultancy - Ex ante publicity notice ECHA/2011/24


Waste management - Ex ante publicity notice ECHA/2011/19


Development of ECHA's Visual Identity - Ex ante publicity notice ECHA/2010/252


Procurement of Computer-Displays - Ex ante publicity notice ECHA/2010/172


Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner Courses - Ex ante publicity notice ECHA/2010/96 RE-LAUNCH