10/02/2016 - News item

Public consultations launched for applications for authorisation

ECHA has launched a public consultation on 27 applications for authorisation covering 39 uses of chromium VI compounds, 1,2-dichloroethane (EDC) and diglyme.


Public Consultations


Applications for authorisation

Start date: 10/02/2016 Deadline: 06/04/2016
Consultations: 40

Calls for comments and evidence

Start date: 16/12/2015 Deadline: 15/02/2016
Substances: 1

Recommendation for inclusion in the authorisation list

Start date: 18/11/2015 Deadline: 18/02/2016
Substances: 11

Testing proposals

Start date: not set Deadline: 18/03/2016
Testing proposals: 6


Harmonised classification and labelling

Start date: 22/01/2016 Deadline: 07/03/2016
CLH proposals: 1


Potential candidates for substitution

Start date: 17/12/2015 Deadline: 15/02/2016
Active substance: 8

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