Consultation on the draft of 15 June 2011 of ECHA's 3rd recommendation

The draft recommendation consists of an overview table describing the draft entries to be inserted in Annex XIV (this table is available here) and the substance specific background documents developed by ECHA. (see table below for links to the background documents). These background documents provide information on the identity and SVHC properties of the recommended susbtances as well as on their manufacture, uses and alternatives.

Interested parties are invited to submit comments on the draft recommendation by 14 September 2011, in particular on uses which should be exempted from the authorisation requirement. For commenting, the forms provided in the table below must be used.

An outline of the general approach used to develop the draft recommendation is available below under "further information".

Note: The consultation is subject to data privacy rules available below under "further information". In general ECHA may publish all comments and information received on its website. However interested parties can also submit confidential information, which will only be made available to ECHA, including its Committees, the Member State competent authorities and the Commission. In that case a specification must be given by the submitting party as to why the information submitted is considered confidential. Detailed instructions on how to submit confidential information is provided in the commenting form.

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Substance Name EC Number CAS Number Date of publication Deadline for commenting  
Cobalt(II) sulphate 233-334-2 10124-43-3 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Sodium dichromate 234-190-3 7789-12-0; 10588-01-9 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Acids generated from chromium trioxide and their oligomers. Names of the acids and their oligomers: Chromic acid, Dichromic acid, Oligomers of chromic acid and dichromic acid. 231-801-5; 236-881-5 7738-94-5; 13530-68-2 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Chromium trioxide 215-607-8 1333-82-0 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Cobalt dichloride 231-589-4 7646-79-9 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Cobalt(II) diacetate 200-755-8 71-48-7 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Potassium chromate 232-140-5 7789-00-6 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Potassium dichromate 231-906-6 7778-50-9 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Cobalt(II) carbonate 208-169-4 513-79-1 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Ammonium dichromate 232-143-1 7789-09-5 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Trichloroethylene 201-167-4 79-01-6 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Cobalt(II) dinitrate 233-402-1 10141-05-6 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Sodium chromate 231-889-5 7775-11-3 15/06/2011 14/09/2011
Anzeige von 13 Ergebnissen.

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