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Информация за химикали

Информация за химикали

The REACH and CLP Regulations require that chemical companies submit to ECHA various key information about the substances that they manufacture, import or (in some cases) use. This includes information on the hazard properties of the substance, on the classification and labelling, and includes also their assessment of the potential risk presented by the substances, where required. This information is submitted to ECHA for several purposes, including to establish a centralised database which makes this information available to the public and to the authorities (ECHA, Commission, Member State Competent Authorities and Enforcement Authorities).

This 'Information on Chemicals' section is the 'gateway' to ECHA's public databases on chemical substances, which contain a plethora of information about chemicals in Europe. The section also includes information on registration dossiers for substances where a testing proposal has been made, together with information related to the transitional arrangements from the previous chemicals legislation.



Търсене на химикали

Прочетох и приемам настоящата правна информация


Информация за химикали

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