Registry of Intentions

Member States Competent Authorities (MSCAs) / the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) on request by the Commission may prepare Annex XV dossiers for identification of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC), Annex XV dossiers for proposing a harmonised Classification and Labelling or Annex XV dossiers proposing restrictions.

The aim of the public registry of intentions is to allow interested parties to be aware of the substances for which the authorities intend to submit Annex XV dossiers and therefore facilitates timely preparation of the interested parties for commenting later in the process.

It is also to avoid duplication of work and encourage co-operation between Member States when preparing Annex XV dossiers. The registry allows Member State Competent Authorities (MSCAs) / the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to check if another Authority has in the past worked on an Annex XV dossier for a specific substance or is currently preparing an Annex XV dossier on the substance. It should be noted that for the restrictions process there is a legal requirement for the Member State (MS) to notify to the Agency its intention to prepare an Annex XV restriction dossier.

The registry of intentions is divided into three separate sections. First, a section listing the current, active intentions of Member States and/or the Commission. Then, the Annex XV dossiers submitted that are still under one of the three decision-making processes (identification as SVHC, Harmonised C&L, restrictions). Finally, a list of the intentions that have been withdrawn after evaluation by a Member State or ECHA is provided.

Registry of intentions for Annex XV dossiers